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Create and edit PDFs

Create and edit PDFsAccording to research, almost two-thirds of professionals use PDF documents. Despite this, less than 10% of PCs have the capability to create PDFs, convert PDFs or edit PDFs. Canon software will ensure your organisation can take complete control of PDF production.


Your challenges

  • PDF document creation is cumbersome and slow
  • Sensitive data is difficult to remove from PDFs
  • Signing PDF documents is a manual and lengthy process

Our solution

Our software allows users to create PDF documents from a range of sources in no time at all. Sensitive data is protected through encryption and users can save time typing with the ability to voice-annotate files.

Our Solution

The benefits

Save time by taking full control of your PDF documents.
Secure your information by automatically redacting confidential details.
Improve productivity by using speech recognition technology to annotate PDFs.
Access documents from anywhere by saving all files to the cloud.

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